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Wed Nov 26 2014
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Sluice Box Set-up

Setting up your sluice box is crucial to getting gold. If you have the water flowing to hard then chances are your gold will wash right out of the sluice box. If the water is not flowing fast enough then your gold will drop quickly along with everything else and you could end up with a big mess. So getting that water flowing just perfect is the key and there is a science to this madness.

If you think about it, it really makes sense. The top layer of water that is not holding any debris in suspension is not affected by the riffles. It moves right on by which is what it is supposed to do. The lower layer of water is carrying the heavy stuff like gold. The riffles help create that much needed back flow which is just enough for the gold to drop out of suspension and into your pockets.

Here is what you want to achieve and it can take a little bit of time to get your sluice box set up just right but once you do, you can move a lot of material quickly. A perfectly set up sluice box allows the gold and other heavy objects to drop out of suspension and the lighter material flows right out of the sluice box. This is the ZEN or perfect sluice box set up.

Remember we are working with gravity and the general rule is one inch drop per foot of length of your box. So if your sluice box is twenty four inches long, you would start out with about two inches overall drop from upstream to downstream ends of your sluice box. Be careful and don't overload your sluice box either, have some patience and feed the sluice box small amounts of material until your confident that the sluice box is full and remember precious stones are also found right alongside that treasured gold so make sure you look over everything that your sluice box has captured.

Sluice Boxes are available in many sizes and there is one for every location.