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Thu Dec 18 2014
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Folding Sluice Box

Does your gold honey hole require some hiking to get to it? Perhaps you need a canoe to reach that gold producing spot. Then you need a good portable sluice box that can go anywhere but still recover all of that precious gold.

This folding sluice box is just right. It is portable. I can be folded up and fit inside a five gallon bucket or even a backpack but don't let it's portability fool you. When this sluice box is setup, you are looking at 50 inches of gold grabbing sluice. The channel is nine inches wide.That is a heck of a lot of space to run your material through but yet it is so easy to transport. When this sluice box is folded up it measures 4 1/8" x 9" x 15 1/8".

The top has a nice wide flare allowing more material and right underneath is a ribbed matting for easy spotting of gold. Follow that material downstream and you will find that this folding sluice box has zinc coated riffles over expanded metal and a ribbed

carpet. Cleanup is a snap, just remove a couple of wing nuts and your on your way to getting your gold.

Overall this is an excellent sluice box for that out of the way gold producing spot. You can carry it with ease and move through a lot of material and at the end of the day that means more gold for you!