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Sat Dec 20 2014
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E - Z Sluice box

e-z Sluice Box
Folding Sluice Box

With a name like E-Z Sluice you have to expect a good sluice for the novice prospector but this sluice box will work for any prospector, it's called an E-Z Sluice because it is the smallest easiest sluice period. This sluice box is great for that small stream bed that requires a hike to get to. At only 24 inches long, 2.5 inches deep and 7 inches wide this little sluice can go anywhere you can. It only weighs two pounds so you can Just toss it in your backpack and start hiking to your favorite spot.

The sluice box is made from molded polypropylene plastic. The riffles are ABS and they rest over miner's moss. Most of the surface area is ribbed for further gold catching. The riffles snap in and out for easy cleanup. If you are looking for the ultimate portable sluice box then you have found it. You can take it to test out a spot before you bring in the big 50 inch sluice box.